memories for iPhone


Count days, weeks, months. Beautifully.

memories for iPhone

How long has it been since…

…that awesome road trip you took with your friends a few years ago?

memories tells you exactly how much time has passed since those very special days.

How many days until…

…that huge music festival next summer?

memories helps you shorten the wait for upcoming events by counting down the days.

Four different formats

See the relative date in four different formats at a glance.


memories can remind you when you reach certain milestones and it can make smart suggestions for that. e.g. "222 days".
There is almost always a reason to celebrate :)

You can also set up recurring notifications for daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Location & Story

If you want, you can add a location to your memory and write down the story.

As gorgeous as your photos

Add a beautiful photo from your camera roll to each of your entries. memories puts it front and center.

Share your milestones

Share your milestones with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… memories creates nice images using your photo.